Art Show History

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About the Kalman & Pabst Photo Group Fine Art Show

More than a decade ago, our studio founders pioneered an event to cultivate our staff's creative skills and to honor our clients. What began organically grew into one of the most impressive community art events hosted by a business. 

We thought our first show would be attended by a few supportive moms and few friends. When several hundred people showed up, we realized the power art has to unite a community! From then on, and every other year, we transform our 18,000 square foot commercial photography, video, and CGI studio into an art gallery to feature artwork created by our employees and freelance staff. 

Today, the Kalman & Pabst Fine Art Show is more than an art gallery: It's a testament to how more businesses can push their creative boundaries while uniting a community and benefitting those in need. 

As artists in their own right, our employees have been recognized as leaders in their field long before our art shows came to be. And those who don’t have a traditional fine art or photography background are also making a big splash with their talents. 

Because of your generous artwork purchases, we’ve given back to the community — from art scholarships to meals for the hungry — with a portion of sales proceeds. This year, we are proudly supporting Flashes of Hope

Thank you for supporting KP Photo and our studio’s mission to create beauty and community.

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