About Jaime

Even in her earliest years, Jaime thought she was the Queen Bee and the ruler of the family. She would sass everybody around -- even her parents (sorry Mom and Dad!). Now that she is older and more mature, things have only slightly changed; she is still sassy, but in a more productive way!

After following her mother’s advice to pursue photography, Jaime earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Visual Communication Technology from Bowling Green State University and landed her internship at KP Photo in 2010. After graduation, she worked as a freelance assistant/photographer for four years. As much as she loved being on set and behind the camera, her real passion was the production aspect of the job and getting involved in all the details. She was then hired full time at KP in 2015 as a Production Coordinator, where she continues to put her sass and leadership skills to good use in the studio.

When not working, Jaime enjoys spending time with her husband and son, their two adorable puppy dogs, and traveling whenever possible.