About James

James Popovic has been with Kalman & Pabst since 1989 and over the years has mastered the art of digital imagery. Twenty Five years’ experience in photography combined with his passion for Photoshop allows James to expertly manipulate digital files and photographs to achieve any desired result. James is grateful to be working for such a forward thinking company: “We got into digital imaging very early on and nobody in town can make a product look as good as we can.”

If you were to look into or steal my camera bag, the majority of what you would find would be an assortment of wide angle lenses. I tend to absorb, study, and acknowledge the light and environment all around me. I want the viewer to see and feel as much of the time and place as possible in order to really experience the location where the image was captured.

Through the use of light, color, texture, and especially composition, wide format photography takes on a unique quality all it’s own. Through the use of digital photography, which allows for the capture of a much more expansive tonal range, the detail and feel of realism is also very much heightened, adding to the visual impact and excitement of the image.

James is also a part-time faculty instructor at Lakeland Community College and has been teaching Digital Imaging 2 every Spring semester for the past 16 years.  He enjoys the excitement and reactions he gets from his students as they expand their artistic abilities while greatly improving their photographic body of work. The whole process opens up so many doors to creativity, and the possibilities can seem endless.
When not working on images, James can usually be found at a rock, folk, Celtic, jazz or blues concert somewhere in Ohio... or PA... or somewhere in the States.