About Mike

Mike knew he was destined to work in a creative industry when, as a child, he would draw cartoon characters on the walls in his bedroom, usually on the top bunk so he wouldn’t get caught! Mike worked full-time through college as a bartender while living in the Minneapolis area and earned his degree in advertising and marketing. Mike began his professional career as a “keyliner” producing church bulletins and continued to immerse himself in the creative industry. Throughout this career, Mike climbed the ranks to art director, creative director, and to advertising manager for a chain of automotive parts stores. After relocating to Ohio in 1996, Mike expanded his skills in marketing and sales positions in the advertising, CGI and photography industries.

Growing up with seven siblings, Mike has never been a stranger to a large family. In 2010, Mike married Jan, and his family grew once again. Their marriage unites Jan’s two daughters and son with Mike’s two sons and daughter — all of similar ages. Their clan is affectionately referred to as “The Brady Bunch”.

Mike and Jan moved to the mountains of Tennessee, near Chattanooga, in 2016 and enjoy the peaceful surroundings with their five dogs. When he’s not working remotely for KP Photo, Mike spends time with Jan and the dogs, works on projects around the house, rides his Harley, or takes the occasional ski trip or golf outing. Mike is determined to take up fishing again with his Newfoundland buddy pup, Bhodi, by his side.